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Prot warrior resilience or stamina pvp

Prot warrior  resilience or stamina pvp

1. as a prot warrior you want to stay alive as long as posible. thats why you want to have as much resilience and stamina as posible. you can choose one of those or you can combine those 2 with each other. in my opinion is combining the best.

2. why is combining those 2 the best? wel lets say you have 100 resilience it will give you for example 1.10% damage reduction but. when you reached a certain points of resilience. for example 4k resilience. you will have less damage reduction for the points above those 4k ressilience points. for example the 100 points u would normaly get are 1.10% less damage
but those 100 points above the 4k ressilience will give like 0.70% less damage taken. this will mean that you will get less damage reduction when you reached a certain amount of resilience points.

3. how higher you get with your resilience points how less damage reduction you get for each resilience points. so lets say for example you are at 4.5k resilience then you will get for 100 resilience points above those 4.5k ressilience about 0.40% damage reduction. this will mean that at a certain amount of ressilience that it will be better to take somthing like stamina instead.

4. why take stamina for prot warrior in pvp when you dont get much damage reduction from your resilience anymore. in combat you will get a 10% chance on each hit you get to get a buff blood graze to heal 3% of your total health over 5 sec. and 6% of your total health over 10 sec. when you get a stun root or somthing that you cant move anymore. this will mean u get more heals if you have more Hp

5. stacking stamina is the best for 1v1 fights since you have 90% of the time those healing effects up. while you're getting atcked by only one player while in fights like 1v3 or somthing u will maybe have the healing effect 100% of the time up but you are getting atcked by 3 players wich do alot of damage on you u probably have a healer behind you but this still means that it doesnt change the fact that you're getting atcked by 3 players.

6. so the Qeustion is is stacking stamina a good idea for somthing as Rbg? it is to a certain lvl
so i would say after you reached about 4.6k Resilience go for stamina in the Blue sockets so u could also get the socket bonus wich can give you resilience or either strenght.

7. in the meta gem take 81 stamina - 2% less spell damage taken. the reason for that is the spell damage is a rly bigg threat for any class even for tanks like prot warrior. because the armor doesnt reduce the spell damage taken so they will actually hit the same amount they would normaly do only resilience can reduce the damage done and gems like these. this 2% less spell damage taken doesnt stack up with your resilience so u will just get 2% less damage taken from all kinds of spells.

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